Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Durian Puffs

I was in the mood to bake a durian dessert so started with durian puffs. Not difficult to make though. The best is to prepare the cream earlier and chill it before filling the puff shells.

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This recipe was shared by one online friend but I changed the filling recipe by adding more durians, reducing the whipped cream and up the honey. It was truly durianlicious *wink*

Durian Filling

Durian pulp from 12 pcs of durian
2 tbsp milk
2-3 tsp honey
200ml whipping cream

1. Beat cream till soft peaked, put aside
2. Add durian meat, milk and honey into another bowl and mix till smooth using a wooden spoon
3.Combine cream and durian mixture together till well blended and put in fridge till ready to fill the puffs

Cream Puff Pastry

4oz butter
1 cup water
1/4 tsp salt
1 cup all purpose flour
4 eggs

1. Place water, butter and salt into saucepan and bring to boil till butter melts
2. With the heat still on, add flour and stir vigourously till mixture becomes ball like and doesn't stick to pan
3. Bring heat to low and when you hear a hissing sound, you know the dough is ready.
4. Set it aside into a mixing bowl to cool for about 5-10 mins.
5. Using a wooden spoon, add eggs one at a time into the mixing bowl with your dough and blend for at least one minute or until smooth
6. Continue doing this till all eggs are fully incorporated
7. Put the mixture into a piping bag or ziplog bag, snip a small hole at one corner and pipe swirls onto a non-stick tray or tray with baking paper (you can use a spoon to scoop too)
8. Bake for 20 mins at 220 degree celsius till golden brown
9. Cool on rack
10.Once cooled, fill puffs with durian filling and serve


lizanoor said...

eh yo food blog dah idop balik rupenye. long taim no mari.

woohoo! i wud lurve those puffs, will pure-durian pulps. no need milk, honey n whipping cream @ all. kekekekeke ... my uncle's wife penah buat. makan byk sangat sampai mabok doyan.

Zurynee said...

If use only the pulp, 3 kotak pun tak cukup ah .. but with the whipping cream, at least tone down abit of the durian and make it even creamier like ice-cream ..heh

FloatingLilac said...

I'm certainly going to make this one day since my whole family loves durian puffs, except for my husband who hates the king of fruits to it's core!

and btw, congrats on ur pregnancy kak!

Precious Moments said...

Zu, looks really yummy leh. When can pass some over.

Asmah a.k.a Yahfiq said...

wowww durian.. i loike v much.. but me tak pandai buat benda2 ginie.. u amik order???...

Anonymous said...

hi zu,
i stumbled upon ur site when i was looking for a durian fudge cake recipe(unfortunately cldn't find any :(. was wondering if i can use this same puff filling recipe to layer on my basic sponge cake.

incidently, i enjoy ur site very much. luv the pics. just finished browsing tru ur archives from start till current ;) keep up the good work. i can see u've put alot of effort in it. Suzie

Zurynee said...

thanks floatinglilac :)

preciousmoments, it's all finished ;)

asmah, i bake this for fun and I don't take orders. But if you want i can just bake some for you :)

Hi Suzie, thanks for dropping by. I have a durian fudge cake recipe. You can use mine but I would suggest you add abit of gelatine so that it won't melt easily. But if you use this, it would be a bit like a mousse cake instead of a fudge. Leave me your email so that I can forward to you the recipe that I have.


Anonymous said...


For Step 7, may I know what is the actual size of the batter to pipe on the tray?


Zurynee said...

hi anonymous,

The size is up to you wthr you want it big or small. The ones I made is the regular cream puff size that you get at bakery shops.


Anonymous said...


I bought durian alredi, bleh tahu guna susu apa. Nak buat puff on sunday. tq.


Zurynee said...

Hi Siti, can use both fresh milk or UHT milk.


suzie said...

OMG!thks so much zu. tht will b great! mousse or fudge i'm still greatful. u r a godsend:)u hv no idea how many moons been searching 4 e recipe. all i can find is e very same durian butter cake in most site. tried tht oredi but nothing beats the taste of the actual durian pulps, kwim?
my email addy is cfc4ang@yahoo.com.sg
next recipe in line to try out is ur fried noodle. just bot the masterfood bbq sauce this morning;)

suzie said...

hi zu, tried e durian puff last weekend. my family loved it (incldg my mother in law - who never gives compliment to my cooking bcoz of her my-cooking-is better-than yours attitude:)
even tho i used cheapo grade durian -$2/pkt(some not ripe kind), its still ok ! ha ha !! thanks !
waiting patiently for ur durian fudge cake recipe u said u want to send to my email....slurp!!

prettysue said...

hi zu,,if the filling i omit the honey,ok tak? any diff in taste? takut kencing manis..he he.been looking for durian puff filling recipe, finally.your cupcake looks lovely,takde recipe ke? thank you once again

Zurynee said...

Hi prettysue,

You can omit if you get a very sweet durian. If your durian is not sweet enough, you can just add more durian.


MsCake said...


May I know how many grams are = to 4 oz butter ? Next, u measure water in cups, what abt in ml ? Sorry for asking as I am not good in baking. The last time I tried using Lee Lee's recipe for this puff, it is like biscuits. Kindly advise what's the likely cause ?


MsCake said...

Oh ya, forgot to ask abt the all-purpose flr, can I use other type like cakeflr, self-raising or plain flr ? Measurement in cup, what abt in grams ? Thanks again


Zurynee said...

Hi Catherine,

8oz is about 225g so 4oz is 112.5g or 113g (to the closest). My measuring cup is 240ml for 1Cup. Hmm .. i believe your pastry didn't puff during baking. Did you overbaked it?

All purpose flour is plain flour but you can replace with cake flour but not self raising flour. I would encourage you to purchase a set of measuring cup as it is very handy. I have the conversion but I am not sure how accurate it is. 1 Cup of flour is about 150g.


MsCake said...

Thanks Zu. You are really helpful.


julieneadu said...

Hi Zu, made this fabulous puff last week during my sister's visit. Everybody loves it so much that they were raving about it even after 3 days. Thanks again for such wonderful recipe. Regards, Julieneadu.

Zurynee said...

Hi Julieneadu,

You are welcome .. happy that it turned out well for you ;-)


Missy said...

is there an alternative to whipping cream as Im quite health conscious?

Zurynee said...

Hi missy,

You can omit the cream. Just use durian puree.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I stumbled upon your website while searching for a recipe.
Great website. Love it =)

By the way, can i have the recipe for the durian fudge cake too please? Thank you so much! =)
my email is hafizaa@gmail.com