Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Keropok Lekor

This is my husband's favorite snack and he never gets tired eating it *LOL*. Keropok lekor tastes very much like fish keropok but it is shaped like a sausage. There are 2 types, one is chewy and the other is really crispy to a point like eating sticks *lol*. You will usually need to cut them into pieces before frying. I decided to give it a try over the weekend and fortunately they came out nice :) For this, I used the saba (mackeral) fillets that you can get from the supermarket, usually prepacked in 400g package. Otherwise, you can get fresh ones and get the fishmonger to fillet them for you. I get about 8 sausage pieces with this recipe.

What you need:
~ 400g mackarel (saba) meat, bones and skin removed
~ 8 T heapful tapioca flour, you may not need to use all
some water
2-3 ice cubes (added during mincing to give the fish a bit of bounce)
salt to taste
a pot of boiling water

What you do:
1. Put the fish meat into the blender and start mincing it, add ice and continue blending it
2. Add flour 2 tablespoons at a time followed by 1 tablespoon of water to ensure the mixture is well blended
3. Continue adding the flour until the mixture becomes a soft dough and comes of the sides of the blender, make sure you stop adding the flour at this stage
4. Remove the fish paste into a clean bowl, with hands coated in flour, divide the dough into 8 pcs and roll them into a cylindrical shape
5. Boil a pot of water, when the water is boiling, drop the keropok lekor into the pot
6. Once it floats, remove it with a slotted spoon and set it aside to cool
7. Once cool, cut into whatever shape that you like and deep fry in hot oil, you can also freeze them at this stage too.

Illustration of the steps:

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