Friday, March 31, 2006

Fried Bee Hoon

This is one of our favourite dish for gatherings or picnics or when I am too lazy to cook. It is easy to make and goes well with other side dishes like bake/fried chicken, fish balls, prawn/seafood fritters etc. There are many versions to make this, some like it savoury by adding dried shrimps, some like to add dark soya sauce or oyster sauce but for me, I like it simple and have lots of ingredients like veges, meat or seafood.


I love to have this with lots of pickled green chillies .. yummy You can add other seafood like squid, scallops or even replace the seafood with thin slices of beef.

1 packet bee hoon (400gm), soaked till soft
13 clove garlic
3 shallots
200gm prawns, de-shelled and deviened
100gm french beans, sliced thinly
cabbage/mustard green/bean sprouts
1 carrot, julienned
1 tbsp light soya sauce
salt & pepper
2-3 tbsp oil
100-200ml water

1. Season prawns with sugar and put aside
2. Blend garlic and shallots into paste
3. Heat oil in wok and once it is hot, pour the garlic/shallot paste
4. Add a bit of salt and stir fry till fragrant
5. Once fragrant, add prawns and cook till they turned pink
6. Push prawns aside and add carrots, french beans and vegetables
7. Add about 100ml of water and mix them well
8. Add few dashes of pepper and stir well
9. Drain bee hoon and put them into the wok
10.Stir gently as you don't want to break the noodles, add soya sauce and a bit more water if the noodles are too dry
11.Add salt to taste and continue stirring till all the items are well incorporated and the noodles are cooked
12.Serve hot with omelette strips and pickled green chilli

Mustard Greens with Salted Egg

This dish was inspired by TT. I replaced the meat with fish slices and came out real nice. A very simple yet refreshing soup.


1 packet mustard green, cleaned and cut into pieces
1 slice ginger, julienned
150gm fish fillet, sliced
2 salted eggs (raw)
salt & pepper
2 tsp oil

1. Season fish slices with salt, pepper and a bit of cornflour
2. Heat oil in a pot and once oil is hot, add fish slices and fry till slices turn a little white then add ginger
3. Once fragrant, add water and once water starts to boil, add the salted eggs
4. Lastly throw in the vegetables and add salt and pepper to taste
5. Once vege is cooked, turn off fire and serve hot with fried shallots

Ingredients: Hoisin Sauce

This is for floatinglilac - the hoisin sauce that I use by Lee Kum Kee (photo taken from LKK). There are other brands that you can try too.


Saturday, March 25, 2006

Mango & Sago Dessert

This is a cold dessert originally uses pomelos. I didn't have any so I substitute it with sago pearls instead. It is real good eaten chilled and a great dessert especially for mango lovers. I have to thank Jingle for sharing this wonderful recipe.


600gm mango (abt 2 honey mangoes or 1 big red/green skinned mango)
250ml mango juice (Peel Fresh)
125ml evaporated milk
3 tbsp sago pearls (original uses 300gm pomelo, split into small pieces)
250ml water
50gm sugar
1 tbsp cornflour/tapioca starch
1 tbsp water
extra 250ml water

1. Boil water and sugar till sugar dissolves
2. Mix cornflour/tapioca starch with 1 tbsp water and pour into the syrup and stir over low heat until mixture is smooth
3. Take syrup and cornflour mixture off the heat and leave it to cool
4. Cut the sides of the mango and cube them
5. Scrap the remaining mango and put in a bowl, add 250ml of water to blend, put aside
6. Add blended mango, cubed mango, mango juice and evaporated milk into the syrup solution (from 1) then stir
7. Add sago pearls and stir, if too thick, add abit of cooled boiled water
8. Chilled before serve

To prepare sago pearls
1. Soak sago pearls in water till they turned abit translucent
2. Boil the pearls with water till it turns totally translucent
3. Pour the cooked pearls into a sieve and wash it with tap water remove the starch and now it's ready to be used

Friday, March 10, 2006

Steamed Fish

This is the first time I steamed my fish using my microwave and surprisingly it came out really good. I had my second microwave/convec oven for over a year already but this is the first time I am using it to steam my fish ... heh Mostly the microwave is used for reheating and baking.

Sorry about the picture, I could not take the whole fish because I forgot to snap it before serving. This picture is taken of my plate *LOL*


1 white pomfret, cleaned (you can use any fish that you like though)
3 dried chinese mushroom, soaked till soft and sliced thinly, keep the water
2 fresh red chillies, deseeded and julienned
2 slices ginger, julienned
a few cabbage leaves

4 tbsp mushroom water
1 tbsp light soya sauce
a few dashes of sesame oil
a few dashes of fish sauce

parsley chopped

1. Mix all the sauce ingredients and put a side, add more of less of the ingredients to your taste
2. Arrange cabbage leaves on the plate/dish and place fish on top
3. Sprinkle ginger pieces on the fish
4. Sprinkle mushroom and chilli on top
5. Pour sauce over the fish
6. Cover the fish with microwavable cling wrap, leaving the ends open
7. Steam in the microwave using the pre-programmed steaming function
8. Once cooked, sprinkle with parsley and serve hot

Note: You can also sprinkle onion oil if you like or garlic chips for that extra flavour

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Tahu Telor mould

For those who are interested to know how the mould looks like. These are the pictures (thanks to lynn_m for allowing me to use her photos). You can get them easily at shops selling kitchen utensils and appliances.



Monday, March 06, 2006

Silver Fish Fritters

Made this for lunch to be eaten with porridge. But is nice to be eaten on it's own too.


120gm cooked silver fish
1 egg, lightly beaten
3 heapful chinese soup spoon plain flour
1 heapful chinese soup spoon self-raising flour
1/4 cup water
2 tbsp chilli paste
2 tsp garlic powder
salt & pepper to taste
Oil for frying

1. Wash and soak cooked silver fish, drain
2. Add beaten egg into silver fish and stir
3. Add the flours, salt and mix well
4. Pour water bit by bit to get the paste like consistency
5. Add chilli paste and garlic powder, mix till well blended
6. Pour spoonfuls into hot oil and fry till golden brown
7. Server hot with sauce at the side

Seafood Medley

A dish with prawns, squid and sliced fish all into one. Nothing fantastic, just used whatever I can find in my fridge *wink*


The next time I make this, I will add abit of hoisin sauce too. It would give the dish more flavour. Just my thoughts 8-)

8 medium grey prawns, deveined and leave the tail intact
2 large squids, cut into rings
80gm fish fillet, sliced into 1.5 inch chunks, seasoned with salt, pepper and cornstarch
yellow capsicum, cut into bite sizes
1 large onion, sliced
2 clove garlic chopped
1.5 tbsp chilli paste
some parsley, chopped
2 tbsp oil

2 tbsp tomato ketchup
2 tbsp chilli sauce
3 tbsp oyster sauce
juice from 1 large lime
a few dashes of sesame oil

1. Heat oil in a pan, stir fry prawns till pink, remove and put aside
2. Stir fry squid rings till half cooked, remove and put aside
3. Stiry fry fish pieces till half cooked, remove and put aside
4. Put 1 tsp of oil, add chilli paste
5. Once oil separates, add onion and garlic and stir fry till fragrant
6. Add a bit of water and add all the seafood items and stir slowly without breaking the fish slices 7. Mix all the sauce ingredients and put it aside
8.Add capsicum pieces and stir for 2 minutes, the pour sauce over and stir will well incorporated
9. Lastly, add chopped parsley, give it a few stir and serve hot

Sambar Baked Potatoes

My husband is a potato lover and he loves baked potatoes. I like making indian style potato dish something like bombay potatoes. There are numerous version of this dish but my favourite has always been the one with chopped tomatoes and with a bit of tamarind juice. I love anything that is of slightly sourish. I will share the recipe one of these days when I decide to make it .. hehe

This version is a bit different, I baked it instead of frying it and I used amchur powder for that sourness. You can adjust the spiciness by adding more chilli powder. But generally it is up to you how much more or less of the ingredients you want to add to the potatoes.


This is just an estimation, add more or less to suit your taste.

4 medium potatoes (with jacket), washed thoroughly and cut into chunks
1/2 tbsp sambar/vegetable curry powder
1/2 tsp heapful tumeric powder
1/2 tsp garlic powder
1/2 tsp ginger powder
1/2 tsp amchur (mango powder)
1 tsp sweet paprika or chilli powder for spiciness
pinch of salt
2-3 tbsp olive oil coriander leaves, chopped

1. Parboiled potato pieces until half cooked, drained and shake them abit to make them fluff
2. Mix all the other ingredients except coriander leaves to the potatoes and mix them until well incorporated
3. Line a baking pan with aluminium and arrange the potatoes onto the pan
4. Bake the potatoes in a preheated oven of about 200C for 30mins
5. Once crispy, add chopped coriander and mix well
6. Serve hot with rice or flat bread

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Tahu Telor

I have to thank Lynn_m for sharing this recipe. The tahu telor came out perfect, soft and nice. A not very difficult dish but it is the deep frying that may take a while, but it was all worth it.


3 tubes egg tofu, cut into cubes about 1 inch
3 large eggs
1.5 heapful tbsp cornstarch/cornflour
pinch of salt
a bit of pepper

1 small carrot, julienned
1 small cucumber, julienned
ground roasted peanuts

100ml kicap manis
3 cloves garlic
2-3 birds eye chilli (chilli padi), more if you want spicy

1. Blend everything and heat it over medium heat

Tahu Telor
1. Heat oil in a pot and immerse the mould for the tahu telor. Leave it in (make sure the oil covers at least 3/4 of the mould)
2. Beat eggs, salt, pepper and cornstarch, then add tofu
3. Pour mixture into the mould (about 3/4 full)
[The heat from the oil will cause the egg to overflow. Lower the fire, take a scoop and scoop the overflowing egg and pour it back into the mould.]
4. Continue pouring the hot oil into the mould till the egg is crispy
5. Remove mould and let the tofu in the oil till the sides are crisp, once brown and crispy, remove from oil and drain it
6. Place tofu on a plate, garnish with cucumber and carrot and sprinkle ground peanuts,pour sauce over and serve

Note : For easy estimation on how much egg is sufficient, the quantity of the beaten egg when poured into the same bowl with the cubed tofu must be just about the same height. Your tahu telur will come out perfect.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Salmon in Vinegar & Soy Sauce

I had a fillet of salmon left in the fridge and didn't know what else to do with it until I saw this dish in a japanese cooking show, Dosanko Cooking. Very easy dish and great when eaten hot with plain porridge. This was what my dd had when she was sick yesterday and she had 2 thick pieces of the fish.

The original recipe uses mirin and sake but I omitted it and replaced it with caramel which I had some leftover in the fridge.


Original doesn't use caramel but has 2 tbsp mirin and 1 tbsp sake (i think).

1 salmon fillet abt 200-300gm, cut into pieces (not too small)
salt & pepper
3-5 heapful tbsp cornstarch
Oil for deep frying

3-4 tbsp vinegar (lesser if you don't want to be too sour)
2 tbsp light soya sauce
2 tbsp caramel (more if you like it abit sweet)
2 small dried chillies/pepper flakes (cut the chilli into thin slices)

1. Marinade salmon pieces with salt & pepper
2. Put cornstarch into a plastic bag and add the fish pcs into the bag
3. Leave some air and shake the bag to coat all the fish pieces
4. Deep fry the fish pieces till golden brown
5. While waiting for the fish pieces to cook, mix all the ingredients for the sauce
6. Once fish is cooked, drain and immediately put the fish pieces into the sauce while they are still hot and toss it to coat
7. Serve with rice or porridge