Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Fish+Prawn Wrap

When was the last time I did something that is quick & easy? I know, i know that I have not been posting much lately on quick & easy dishes *feeling guilty* Today, I am just about to do that.

Now I am back to the same routine like 2 years ago? I have to prepare dinner after work ever since I am now back to be helper-less *LOL* Got tired of eating rice and pasta, so came up with this wrap dish which is easy BECAUSE I CHEAT *LOL* I cheated by buying the fish finger and crunchy prawns from LJS (Long John Silver's). Actually I wanted to get the fish and chicken fillets but unfortunately they don't sell it individually now. How sad :-(

The salsa is actually a salad which I got the recipe from Sri's blog. You can get it here I left out the chilli flakes as my kids can't take too much spice.

This is how it's like before it's rolled up.

Here is the list of ingredients to make the roll. Only the salsa was made from scratch, the rest were store bought including the chapati. To cut short preparation, just make sure you prepare the salsa/salad ahead either in the morning or the night before.

chapatis, heat it as per instruction
fish fingers
crunchy prawns
japanese mayo

Just dump the fish, prawns and salsa onto the chapati with a generous squeeze of mayo, roll it up and lead it to your mouth *LOL*

How easy can it get. Happy trying !!

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Simple castle cake for my Sofia

My second daughter turned 6 last weekend and I promised her that I will make her a castle cake. My initial plan was to make a fondant covered cake but changed my mind at the last minute because I wasn't sure whether the kids will like the marshmallow fondant and dense cake. So I stick the usual standard chocolate sponge cake with fresh cream. The birthday girl was ecstatic when she saw it and I am happy that the kids finished it up.

Happy birthday Sofia !