Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Cornflakes Macaroons

This is one of the popular cookies during Eid and it is really easy to make. I believe this is similar to the coconut macaroons but this is baked till dry and crispy. I love making this because it uses very little ingredients and you can be creative with what you want to add to it. For this, I have added crushed cornflakes and chocolate chips. I also tried with nutella and ground hazelnut, very addictive and delicious.

To make this, you need to be a little patient as it requires to be baked at low temperature for about 1hr or slightly less depending on your oven.

Here is the recipe that I used. I baked them at 140C for about 1hr. Some baked at even lower temperature of about 100C and baked at almost 2hr. Some slightly above 140C for about 45min. All these depends on your oven, I prefer to bake it at 140C as anything more I get cracks. But seriously it's up to you :) Remember that you have to bake it till it's dry.

1/2 C egg white (about 3 egg whites)
155g castor sugar (original was 225g but it is extremely sweet for me, hence I reduced the amount)
150g cornflakes, crushed
200g chocolate chips, more if you like
2 tsp vanilla essence (optional)
mini cupcake casings

1. Beat the egg white till frothy and slowly add sugar and beat till stiff peaks (glossy but not dry)
2. Stop the mixer and add the cornflakes and chocolate chips and fold gently till well blended
3. Arrange cupcake casings on tray and using a small cookie scoop, scoop into the casings
4. Bake at 140C in a preheated oven on the lowest rack for 1hr or till the meringue is hard both the top and bottom (don't be afraid to squeeze the bottom a little bit)
5. Remember to switch position of tray in between
6. Leave it to cool completely before storing in airtight containers

Happy trying !!