Friday, March 23, 2012

Easy Cheese Fries

I made this for my 2nd girl as she loves loves cheese fries.  So I took the opportunity to make this not only to please her but also to test the Airfryer which I purchase very recently.  I have been using the fryer regularly and I love it loads.  Having it keeps my sanity intact during the morning madness preparing meals for the family before I go off to work. 

Thursday, March 15, 2012

One-ingredient banana 'ice-cream'

This is not something new.  One of my colleague and sister were telling me about this yummy easy dessert that they make using overripe bananas (I like!)  My overripe bananas will usually end up in a cake or muffin and I was not in a mood to bake last week.  So this was the best option to do and I am glad that I did it.  It is really a treat and the girls love it.

Inspired by this entry, I chose to make it really simple.  I just added a bit of condensed milk so that the bananas will turn turn brown and also to ensure that I can blend them smoothly.  You can add peanut butter, chunky is better or choc or both !  However, you need to freeze the bananas before you whiz them in the food processor or blender in order to get that creamy texture. 

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Stir-fry French Beans (Malay style)

I love french beans cooked in any way ..steamed, blanced or stir-fried.  This time I am posting a more typical malay style stir-fried french beans.  Typically, the ingredients consists of chilli, onion, garlic and dried shrimps or anchovies.  You can use any vege of your choice.  I can have this on its own or with hot steaming rice with no other condiments.  You can make it spicy by adding bird's eye chilli or make it less spicy by removing the chilli seeds.   

I used my trusty old pestle and mortar because I love the biting to the bits of chilli and onion.  I always find using it gives your dish a better flavour.

Friday, March 02, 2012

New kitchen appliance .. not all

Being a full time working mom and the need to cook for the family requires a lot of planning and time management.  In order to get all these done without going crazy, I am always in a lookout for applicances that can help me work more efficiently.  So this post is about my latest addition to my kitchen that I got for myself, well except for the happy call pan which is really not new though :)   I love the happy call pan (do a search and you find loads of infor about it) and it is currently very very popular in this part of the world.   It is generally a flip pan where you can cook both sides.  What you see in the picture is korean chicken stew that I made using this pan.  It is non-stick (not teflon) and works like a pressure cooker too.  So cooking dishes like potatoes, carrots and meat is a breeze.   I use this almost everyday as I like to do my omelette and reheating my patties with it.  Oh, I do potatoes with it too :) 

Another one which I just purchased yesterday night as it was on offer.  I have been holding back in getting