Friday, February 24, 2006

Sushi Balls

As usual, ran out of ideas what to have for dinner, so made this sushi balls in under an hour .. hehe. This is a lazy method where I chopped all the ingredients and mix it with the rice and shaped them into balls and they are ready to be eaten !!


Here, I use the short cut method for the sushi rice.

2 cups calrose rice, soaked for 30 mins
5 tbsp vinegar
2 tbsp sugar
1 tsp salt

Japanese cucumber, chopped
Egg omelette, chopped
Some sushi rice toppings
Toasted black sesame

1. Add vinegar, sugar and salt into the soaked rice with the water and cooked
2. Once cook, use a plastic or wooden spatula and fluff the rice with the fan blowing (this is to make it shiny)
3. Add the chopped ingredients and mix them till well incorporated
4. Wet your hands and take a handful of the mixed rice and roll them into balls
5. Sprinkle with toasted black sesame
6. Serve with wasabi, sushi soya sauce and pickled ginger


tabehodai said...

it's not such a lazy way to make sushi at all. we call such rice balls onigiri in japan. often they are more triangular in shape. the simplest onigiri are just salt and rice. wet your hands, rub a bit of salt onto your palms and then grab some rice and mould it. there are also packets of flavoured flakes called furikake at the stores. they range from salmon to egg to seaweed... and these can be mixed with cooked rice and then shaped into onigiri. so u see, there are lazier ways than yours :p

i like to wrap my fillings into the onigiri cos it makes it mysterious for the guests. my favourites are crabstick with mayo n pepper and stir-fried black pepper white mushrooms(sliced thinly). try them sometime!

i really like your blog of simple yet yummy recipes! keep blogging!

Precious Moments said...

Zu and tabehodai, what great ideas! I am going to attempt this next week.

lizanoor said...

i'd ever saw in japan hour where they made this sushi balls Extra Large. yum-yummy ... drop de dollop of riceballs on big squarish thin crispy seaweed, extra-yummy!

Zurynee said...

tabehodai thanks for your ideas .. I will look out for the furikake in the supermarket.

Thanks for dropping by :)

preciousmoments Dont forget to share photo ;)

lizanoor Yup, I love seaweed. Why not make it yourself .. easy ;)

Em said...


Thanks Ive bn meaning to try to do Sushi.

Halimah said...

Hi Zu,

Can I find out what vinegar you have used for sushi?

Where can you find halal rice vinegar?


Zurynee said...

hi halimah,

Rice vinegar you should be able to get at supermarket. I usually just check the labels as long no alcohol used I am fine. For this one I use apple cider vinegar. Regular white vinegar can also be used but may be a bit strong.


Halimah said...

Hi Zu,

Thanks for the super fast reply.. I have been following your blog from last year, but only after quitting my job have I been able to take cooking more seriously... But hands off to u for being a FTWM of 3 kids!

Anyway since I asked you abt vinegar what is your take on white wine vinegar and balsamic vinegar? Do you think they can be considered halal too? Been trying to find answers for these questions but always get mixed information.


Zurynee said...

Hi Halimah,

I don't take white wine, sherry and red wine vinegar because of it's origin. As for balsamic, I usually will look at the ingredients but so far I have not tried it.


ct said...

Yes, I testify for furikake seasoning. It has sesame seeds and nori bits ground together to make a flaky, crunchy, and perfectly-salty-like-sushi-nori coating.

You can also use shrimp flavored coating. It comes in fun, bright colors.

Sushi vinegar is also very popular here in Hawai'i where we love our Japanese food.

I've even made BLT sushi balls -- rice balls rolled in bacon crumbs and served wrapped in lettuce and thin slices of tomato. My 3 year old loves it! Very yummy!

Anonymous said...

I hv been wanting to make sushi!!! Was viewing n suddenly ur add pop up!!!yeay!!! N ur food are all so delicious!! ;$