Tuesday, June 20, 2006


I have been thinking of making tiramisu for the longest time and finally took the opportunity of Father's Day last Sunday to make one for dearest hubby. My version is a non-booze version since I can't take alcohol but to add a taste of so called booze, you can put a bit of Rum essence to the syrup mixture if you like.

This recipe is a combination of a few recipes that I combined and fortunately it came out pretty good. This is a rather heavy dessert, so weight watchers, eat it sparingly .. hehe

A slice of the cake

This recipe yields a small, slightly tall cake. I didn't realise that I ran out of instant coffee until I was preparing the syrup. So no choice, I used Old Town hazelnut coffee mix which came out just nice for me as it was also not too strong for the girls.

12 sponge fingers
250g mascarpone cheese (you can replace with cream cheese if you like)
50g cream cheese
300g dairy whipping cream
2oz sugar
1 egg yolk
Cocoa powder for dusting

100-150ml boiling water
50g sugar
4 Tbsp instant coffee
1/2 - 1 tsp Rum essence (optional)

(I used 100ml boiling water with 1 packet Old Town Hazelnut Coffee mix)

1. Mix the all the syrup ingredient and put it aside
2. Place yolk and sugar in a bowl over a pot of a little boiling water and whisk it till it turns lemony yellow (The boiling water should not be touching the base of the bowl)
3. Once egg yolk mixture turns lemony yellow, add cream cheese and mix it well followed by mascarpone cheese
4. In a clean bowl, whip the whipping cream till stiff (do not overbeat as it will curdle)
5. Mix cheese mixture into the whipped cream and mix it gently
6. Assemble the cake by soaking the fingers into the syrup and arrange it at the bottom of the pan, dust with some cocoa
7. Pour half of the cheese mixture on top making sure that the fingers are covered well
8. Lay the balance soaked fingers on top of the cream mixture and dust with cocoa and pour the balance onto the fingers
9. Level the top with the spoon and dust it with cocoa
10. Refrigerate overnight before serving


Anonymous said...

Hi Zu,

Nice tiramisu... been wanting to try baking one for the longest time... one question : wad size cake mould shd i use for this recipe? and msut it be springform pan?

Zurynee said...

Thanks anonymous.

I used my smallest springform pan for this which I think is around 13cm in diameter or so. If you want to present it like a cake, you need to use either springform or a cake ring. Otherwise, you can just use those pyrex glasswares or even glasses to make this.


Precious Moments said...

this looks really good leh.

Anonymous said...

Thx Zu,

Hmm... think i've to go buy a springform pan that size to make the tiramisu.

Mas said...

Hi kak Zurynee

This cake looks delicious seh.I've tried the chocolate cheese cake last sat for my twin nieces' birthday and it turns out marvellous.my hubby loves it so much and ask me to bake again. u're pregnant?congrats..

spots said...

hi hi, next time try using bailey's irish cream instead of rum. the taste is different - and imho, better!

Anonymous said...

can i ask, where can i get those sponge fingers and mascarpone cheese? have always wanted to try making tiramisu but never done it cause i never know where to get these two ingredients!
thanks a lot. =]

Zurynee said...

thanks precious_moments:)

Mas, glad you like the cake and thanks for the well-wishes :)

spots, thanks for the recommendation but I don't take liquour ;)

hi anonymous, you can get them easily at cold storage. Mascarpone is at the chiller where you get your cream and yoghurt. Spongefingers will be at the cookies/biscuit section :)

delia said...

hi zu,
I've been wanting to make tiramisu but never get around to do it. one question, sponge fingers is quite crispy, is it? i've found a pack in the supermarket but really not sure whether it is it or not. btw, i've tried ur chocolate cheese cake, it really is nice.

Anonymous said...

okok! noted. thanks so much. =]

Anonymous said...

its me again.
so i heeded your instructions and raided cold storage. managed to find the Mascarpone. but no so successful with the spongefingers.

are they really called spongefingers on the packaging? found something that looked a little like that but they had sugar and looked kinda crispy. oh i remember they were called lady fingers.

thanks, i really appreciate your help. =]

Zurynee said...

Hi delia, you should try coz it's very easy and delicious ... but a fattening ;) As for the sponge fingers, yes, it looks crispy but if you soak it, it will be very soft.

Hi anonymous, yes, another name for it is ladyfingers .. sorry didn't let you know earlier. Once it's soaked in liquid, it will be very soggy. So don't soak for too long or you will have a hard time picking them up. Just make sure they are well coated with the syrup.


Anonymous said...

oh ok. thanks a lott. will definitely try the recipe soon...! meanwhile, keep on publishing these great recipes! thanks! =]

Precious Moments said...

I have tagged you. Do check it out. Hi Hi, you have been tagged. Do check it out. http://preciousmoments66.blogspot.com/2008/02/long-story.html

Beachlover said...

look so well done!!.

Anonymous said...

erm..is it possible to use those whipped cream instead of a whipping cream?

Zurynee said...

hi anonymous, you can use whipped cream instead.