Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Tomato Bruschetta

I ran out of ideas what to have for dinner and too lazy to cook. Hubby also has not been eating heavy dinner lately due to his runny nose - which is good actually .. heh. So settled for this, an easy one. The only thing I need to cook is to toast the bread 8-) I like to make a big batch and chuck it in the fridge.


2-3 plump tomatoes, cubed
1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
1/3 tsp salt
dashes of italian seasoning/dried basil or other herbs that you like
cream cheese spread
2 clove garlic, cut into half

1. Mix the chopped tomatoes, olive oil, salt and herbs
2. Toast bread slices
3. Rub cut garlic on the hot toast
4. Spread cream cheese on toast and top it with the tomato mixture

You can have variations for this, sprinkle cheese and toast it or have meat slices to go with it.


Yours Truly said...

as salamu`alaikum zu =)

i notice you love anything italian, eh? nonetheless, your recipe sute has been a god-sent! *hehe* esp for a quick-fix mommy like me. barakaallaah for sharing.

arafah said...

this is the wrong entry buttttttttttt i just wanna say, i was seacrhing for the recipe for the mee bday, and i found it here, i tried and it worked! LOVEEEEEEEEE YOU LAR! and i could do it in time for my fren's bday! i have bokmarked ur blog! amat sukaaaaaaaaa! (maklumlah...sebelumk kawin tak tau masak!)

Anonymous said...


i love the recipes that you posted. But got a question to ask you, I was reading your previous recipe (Phad Thai-Thai fried rice), and the recipe calls for tamarind juice. May I know where I can get this ingredient?


Puspha said...

Wah!!! cedap nyer........

AKA said...

I love your blog and I'm so happy I found it. I am moving away from my parents home for the first time and you're site has given me so many meal ideas. Thanks!

fooDcrazEE said...

sedap nya......really missed all these good food

Zurynee said...

wa'alaikumsalam yours truly :) I like italian because it is easy to cook and I also love cheese and tomatoes ;)

hi arafah, glad it worked out for you :)

hi anonymous, tamarind juice is just tamarind pulp mixed with water. HTH

Thanks puspha & foodcrazee ;)

hello aka, I am happy that you find this site useful. All the best to you :)