Thursday, February 21, 2008

Mango Mousse Cake

I made this for my hubby last year, his 35th year mini celebration but didn't have the time to upload until today. It's a simple mango mousse cake with sponge base. I didn't bake the cake specifically for this cake but used my leftover sponge cake that I had.

A slice of the cake

This recipe is adapted from Rock Melon Mousse cake shared by Lucy (auntyyochana). I replaced the rock melon with mango because that is the only thing i have with me. I will only share the mousse recipe. For the base, you can use any sponge cake bought or made and put a layer before pouring the mousse over.

200g mango puree
1 Tbsp gelatine powder + 50g water (soak together for about 5 mins)
2 egg yolk
30g sugar
150g Non-dairy whipped cream
Some chopped mangoes

1. Boil mango puree and sugar together till boiling , take off from the heat
2. Add in egg yolks to the puree+sugar mixture and stir till smooth
3. Put back onto stove and then add in gelatine mixture and stir till dissolved
4. Leave to cool till lukewarm
5. Add choppped mango and fold in whipped cream
6. Pour on top of chocolate sponge cake and leave in the refrigerator to let it set
7. Serve chilled


Anonymous said...

nice, i love mango cakes : ))

ting said...

Hi, that's a nice and simple cake:)the top looks so smooth!

KWF said...

Another nice piece of work, Zu.

btw, you've been tagged. ;)

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Florence said...

Nice cake! :)

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Sri said...


the cook without an oven said...

thanks for sharing!! hope to be able to make something so yummy some day!

Anonymous said...


Rei said...

Hi Zu, I just started out. May I link your blog to mine?


Anonymous said...

Hi, may i know where to get mango puree?

Zurynee said...

Thanks all :-)

Rei, sure no problem at all.

Anonymous, I am staying at Spore and I get the puree from phoon huat. Otherwise, just use fresh mango and blend it.


Anonymous said...

Hi Zu,

I love ur blog webby by the way is your sponge choc?

Unknown said...

you are amazing, are you from Singapore?

loooooove your site.....

you are gonna make me a great cook.....
you are also changing my hobby from shopping to cooking


Zurynee said...

Hi vendi,

Thank you for visiting :-) Yes the sponge is chocolate sponge.


Zurynee said...

Hi Mareza,

Thank you for visiting :-) Yes I am a Singaporean living in Singapore. I believe you are a good cook ;-) I was like you too but I still love shopping - shopping for cook books and baking pans *LOL*


Unknown said...

hi zu,

just got back from vietnam 2 weeks ago got
me 6 cook books because i was not able to
attend cooking class.i also bought big knives
and cooking utensils,we have a stop over in korea
got me onother cook book.everytime i visit onother
country,i buy cooking souvenier.
Dec we will fly to Manila for 2 days, 2 days in Bangkok,2 days at the beach then tour Malaysia
towards Singapore for 11 days,i'll read all about
places to go at food blogs.see you ....


Anonymous said...

Hi Zu,
after looking at your tah-we recipe, I've been hooked to your blog for the past hour already! your mango mousse. Time to sleep - will dream abt yummy mangoes tonight!!

Anonymous said...

Your cake sounds great, But can you use a store brand sponge cake,
and dose the mousse get inside of cake.or just on top.

Unknown said...

thanks for sharing!! hoping if I could make it so yummy like yours! by the way, I would like to ask do we need to whip the cream before adding??

Zurynee said...

Yes you need to whip the cream.