Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Rice porridge

Ran out of ideas what to prepare for dinner, so made porridge with simple side dishes for a change. This is actually inspired by teochew porridge but you can see that the porridge is no way resembles teochew porridge because it's almost smooth and you can't see any grains of rice which is a characteristic of teochew porridge *LOL*

We had fried ikan bilis, peanut, omelette, salted eggs, easy stir-fried french beans with chai-poh (preserved radish) and preserved lettuce (that is on my porridge). Simple yet satisfying :-D


jadepearl said...

In our household, we tend to turn to teochew porridge when someone fall's ill. It is indeed satisfying and easy on the tummy!

teatea said...

ur dishes are simple n thats usually wat we have when we run our of ideas for lunch or dinner, especially w the preserved lettuce n salty eggs.

Anonymous said...

I also like simple and easy recipes, especially since Im also all thumbs when it comes to cooking, however thanks to Foodista and food blogs like yours, I was able to learn new recipes that makes me feel like a pro :)

chumpman said...

Rice porridge and preserved lettuce remind me my childhood in my hometown Shanghai. That's the typical breakfast there, with dough sticks(you tiao) and sichuan char choy. I still have it from time to time in cold Sunday morning in winter.