Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Simple castle cake for my Sofia

My second daughter turned 6 last weekend and I promised her that I will make her a castle cake. My initial plan was to make a fondant covered cake but changed my mind at the last minute because I wasn't sure whether the kids will like the marshmallow fondant and dense cake. So I stick the usual standard chocolate sponge cake with fresh cream. The birthday girl was ecstatic when she saw it and I am happy that the kids finished it up.

Happy birthday Sofia !


Nisa AK said...

wow its beautiful! how long can the fresh cream stay firm in room temperature?

Zurynee said...

Thank you Nisa *blush*

Fresh cream usually can't stay firm for long esp in hot weather. If not under direct sunlight, maybe around 1hr is the max? You may want to add piping gel to stabilise it so that it will be able to withstand much longer in our humid weather.


tina said...

Zu, wah - cake is very cantek! Good work!

Zurynee said...

Thanks for the compliment Tina :-)


Elizabeth said...

Hi Zu,

Very beautiful cake !!

I was at "the hut of cranberry" blog, saw u printed some image pictures for her cupcakes, may i know where to get pictures printed for my cake ? U can e mail me at chuigin@gmail.com

Tks so much

yahfiq said...

cantiknya the kek.. lau i sayang nak makan seh.. hehe.. a'way hepi belated b'day to your girl..

SeCrEt DeLiCiOuS said...

oh so nice sis.. hepi belated besday to ur gal :)

hepi new year to u n ur family :)

The Cooking Ninja said...

Nice. I hope I can do something like this for my daughter's 3rd birthday. :)

Anonymous said...

boleh tak kakak ajar sya mcm mna nak buat fresh cream??sya ni peminat fresh cream cake tp kalau nak makan tpaksa lh beli sbb sendiri tak pandai buat..e-mail sya: mummykenn@gmail.com

trima kasih.,