Tuesday, June 23, 2009

First fondant cakes ...

I finally took up a challenge to do a large fondant cake (large as in anything bigger than 6inch in size :-P) for my baby brother's engagement. Time is always an issue for me, after coming back from the holidays, I had very little time to prepare - either I was bogged down with work or simply too tired. Initially, I was very sure that I will have enough time to prepare marshmallow fondant, but deep inside I know I need some contingency plan and true enough the store bought fondant saved me. Another issue was with the flowers that I ordered for one of the cake. Unfortunately, I underestimated the time and was not able to get them in time, so took out my backup design and came out with this. This cake was a gift from the guy side to the girl. Pretty couple aren't they :-)

And another one, which the girl ordered for me *LOL* Where's the surprise huh ..

Personally, I like the lilies better :-) On top of the cakes, he also requested for a cuppy set .. well this was easy to make. I used my usually American Chocolate Cake for the cuppies and vanilla frosting .. the flowers again were store bought.

Overall, I enjoyed making them although the rolling and covering the cake with fondant was full of stress .. I was soo scared that the fondant will tear during the transfer, but fortunately that didn't happen. I am now more confident handling it and maybe who knows, I will be a bit more adventurous with it.

Happy viewing !



Bravo to you! Its always the first time that is so scary .. I guess from now on, I can be assured of more changgih cakes deco from you ... good work!

nath said...

beautiful cakes.. (",)

Zurynee said...

thank you family first .. hahaha.. more canggih? well let see if I can find time for such projects.. but you sure will find something ;-)

thanks nath :-)


Miss S said...

Hi, I love the deco of the cupcakes. By the way where do u buy the small flowers for the cupcakes?

Zurynee said...

Thank you Miss S, I got the flowers from Phoon Huat.