Friday, May 29, 2009

Hot hot dish .. from Urumqi

These are some old food photos that I took during my work trip to Xinjiang. That time, my photo taking skill was still in infancy stage and I managed to took some photos of the food I had. This is only like half of it. There were alot of other stuffs that I did not take because I was just too shy *LOL* The best thing about the food there is the hot pepper that they use, man's hot hot hot but best thing is that it doesn't burn your tummy but more of your lips. The red pepper if I am not wrong is know as 'mala' it is a bit like sichuan pepper but the taste is not exactly the sichuan pepper that I get here. It's different.

We had the pilaf, hand made noodles and kebab for one of our lunch in a local food stall. This is very middle eastern influenced as the owners are khasgar descendants. Loaded with lamb.

This is delicious and spicy. It's fish and we get to choose fresh from the restaurant.

these were taken from street eating place. It's clean of course and they have a fantastic array of food

Grilled sotong

I love this chicken dish. This is hardcore mala peppers. It's just shredded steamed chicken with the hot sauce. Yummy but have to bear with the heat for awhile *LOL* Any kind soul out there who knows how to make this??
This is at a restaurant. My lychee dish in my earlier entry was actually inspired from this place.

I love xinjiang. There are soo many places that I can eat because majority of them are Muslims. I also had a chance to eat Peking duck there. It was really lovely. If you are a fruit lover, there are soo many lovely fruits like donut peach, hami melons, watermelons .. lots and lots of them. I wish that I day I can bring my family there for a holiday but I have to pick up speaking Mandarin first *LOL*


Raihana Ab said...

zu, oh my goodness, all the foods make me so hungry.

nath said...

huhuhu... I getting hungry... ;)

Zurynee said...

hi raihana & nath, yes there are simply delicious although some are on the oily side. But what the heck *LOL* you should give a try to xinjiang, it's a really lovely place.

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Wow..everything look sooo delicious. Made me hungry :(