Friday, July 10, 2009


Being a FTWM and having to prepare dinner on weekdays can be a real challenge sometimes. I am always open to recipes that are easy to prepare and fast. So by the recommendation from friends, I decided to get Rachael Ray's 365 book and this was the first dish that I made. To me it tasted very much like Japanese curry and very kids' friendly.

I used my trusty thermal pot and cooked this in the morning before I left for work and by the time I reached home, I had a piping hot dish waiting to be served ;-) I still have another 362 to try out ..(actually I have done some other dishes but didn't get a chance to take a picture of them) :-P and pretty happy that my kids are eating them with no complains !


Maya said...

I bought this book last year during Borders sale...and I hardly even touch that book. Baically there's almost no photographs in that book! After reading this post, I guess I'm gonna give that pictureless book a chance :p

Zurynee said...

You are not alone Maya. Initially I had the same thoughts like you but I kind off got used to it. I looked at the recipe and more or less can determine if the recipe will come out good or not. Do give it a try !! Her recipes are pretty good.


Maya said...

Yes2...I tried her meatballs last week. I loved it! It was very juicy and delicious. I am sure the bread and milk played an important role. :)