Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Nama chocolate wannabe (ala Royce)

With a tub of valrhona chocolate and cocoa powder to clear, I decided to make Nama chocolate made popular by Royce. This one of course is far from the original but to me it is delicious enough and true bliss especially for chocolate lovers ! It wasn't difficult to make but you have to fast with the Singapore weather, otherwise you will get a pretty messy fingers. To me this chocolate is more like a chocolate truffle, main ingredients are chocolate (good quality please) and cream .. and this is the end product !!!

Pure indulgence !!!

For those who are interested, I got the recipe from this site it's in Japanese btw. I was lucky to have found it translated at one site that I was surfing but unfortunately cannot remember which one :-( Please use good quality chocolates and for the cocoa powder, use dutch processed ones.

195g dark chocolate (I used valrhona 50% cocoa but best is with 70%)
100ml fresh cream
1 Tbsp honey (if you are not using anything more than 70%, you can cut down the honey a little bit if you prefer slightly bitter taste)
enough cocoa powder to coat the chocolates later

1. Chop the chocolate into small pieces
2. Place cream and honey in a pot and heat it up. Turn off the flame the moment it boils
3. Add the chopped chocolate into the warm mixture and stir till the chocolate and cream are combined (it should look like ganache)
4. Lay baking paper on a tray (covering the sides too), then pour the mixture into it
5. Place it in the fridge for about 2 hours or until firm
6. Remove the hardened chocolate from the baking tray and chop them into cubes with a warm knife blade
7. Coat them generously with the cocoa powder and serve it chilled


Edith said...

I am so blessed to get a taste of these. Heavenly. Thanks Zu!

Zurynee said...

You are welcome Edith :-)

Anonymous said...

Salam zu, can u share this recipe?
Thanks in advance.

the guy in the silk taffeta dress said...

great stuff.I got this link from Auntie Yochana's blog.

porkie said...

tried your sponge cake recipe. my dad commented that it was spongy and to his liking. Ate 2 pieces at one go. A definite must keep. Thank Zu.

porkie said...

I too have been looking around for the perfect sponge cake recipe and this is PERFECT. Love the milk powder taste. I replaced 10 gms of flour with milk powder to make it 20 gms in total and it is really a sponge cake to die for. Cheers.

Zurynee said...

welcome the guy in the silk taffeta dress :-)


Zurynee said...

you are welcome porkie, I am happy to hear that you like the sponge. Milky sponge sounds really yummy :-)


Anonymous said...

Wow, that look just soo tempting and yummy!!!

I have head about this 'valrhona' chocolate. Where can I buy them? off he shelve from any supermarket?

I would love to try making those. My kids just love chocolates!!!!!!!!


Zurynee said...

Hi AG,

You can buy off the shelf from Sun Lik, Shermay or Kitchencapers. You won't be able to get them from supermarket.


Anonymous said...

Hello, can i use Bulla Thickened Cream in replace of Fresh Cream? Are they the same? And if it must be Fresh Cream, which brand is good for making this recipe? Thanks.

Zurynee said...

Hi anonymous,

If I am not wrong Bulla thickened cream contains gelatine .. I would recommend you to get regular cream. Bulla has pure cream or you can also use emborg or president brands.


wen said...

Hi, dis is the 1st time for me to bake.. though it sounds wierd.. but may i know where could i get the fresh cream? are they available in local supermarket? at the same time.. do u mind advice me which is the better choice of brand. thank you!

Unknown said...

I miss nama chocolate so much after leaving Japan to come back to England. My daughter and I are waiting for it to set now....can't wait!!

Zurynee said...

Hi Melanie, I hope they turned out well :)


kookcool~ said...

Thank you for the recipe.
I will try soon someday! :)

Awi (from Bangkok, Thailand)