Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Yong Tau Foo sauce

It's been a while since I last update, Ramadan is here and during this time I am always busy *LOL* I did have some things that I would love to upload but not there just yet. In the meantime, I would like to share one of my favourite dish but the emphasis here is not about the dish but rather the sauce. I made this quite sometime back but didn't manage to update it here.

Nothing beats a good sauce for yong tau foo. So I searched the internet and look at what other food bloggers came out with for their sauces and I used it as base for me to try. I was quite surprised that the taste came out just right for me and personally I find this pretty close to what I get at food courts.

It's a very simple recipe, all using ready made sauces unless you are the kind that makes your own chilli sauce :-)

2Tbsp hoisin sauce
4Tbsp chilli sauce (use either Heinz or Sinsin. Do not use maggi chilli sauce), add more if you like it more spicy
2Tbsp oyster sauce
a bit of water

1. Mix the first 3 items till well blended
2. Add a bit of water little by little to get the consistency that you like but not too much
3. Sprinkle sesame seed if you like

Enjoy !!


Unknown said...

Wow yong taufu.... Zu, u'r tempting me

Anonymous said...

hi, i'm 1st time to your blog. nice blog. as for the sauce, can i cook it first like simmer or microwave it? will this affect the taste? sorry, if it's a silly question. i'm an amateur cook. Thanks. Puvanes.

Zurynee said...

hi puspha .. how are you ? thank you for dropping by :-)

hi anonymous,

Yes you can heat it up. Use boiled water if you want to dilute the sauce.


Eitta's Journal said...

Salam Zu, first time browsing thru... noting down the sauce for yong tau foo... will tell you how it is.... Insyallah... Rosita

Unknown said...

I was searching for the recipe for my family dinner and walla..got your blog. Your yong tau fu looks so tempting . I should try. TQ