Thursday, October 15, 2009

My kitchen and baking corner

Ok, I know I am lagging .. been busy with ramadhan and eid. Only now I managed to get some space to update this blog. This post has nothing to do with food but just sharing with you my space in the kitchen where all the cooking and baking are done.
This is my kitchen long and narrow. Sometimes can be a little dark which is not a good thing but otherwise it is alright.

And this is where most of the baking/kneading/decorating action happens :-) Sorry about the mess, baked a chocolate cake yesterday night and the place looks a little bit messy.

I do have a couple of things which I have done over the months and I will update them pretty much soon .. !!!

Thank you for your patience =)


Tricia said...

Nice kitchen! I love large kitchen!

Anonymous said...

reminds me of my punggol kitchen. well, most of hdb's kitchen are long, aren't they? :P

Zurynee said...

Thank you Tricia, I used to love large kitchen but now not so. The smaller it is, the easier to clean LOL

Zurynee said...

sis, well not all actually. I like my kitchen with lots of windows for ventilation and light. Mine can be quite dark sometimes :-(

zuezain said...

came across your blog n i am very impressed with d recipes. you have a nice kitchen sis :)

zu maji