Friday, December 11, 2009


I got a small tub of whipped cream, left over from my second's daughter birthday cake which I made recently. Don't feel like wasting it and so decided to use it to make eclair fillings.

For the choux, I used the same recipe as my durian puffs I increased the eggs to 3. It is recommended that you bake the choux one tray at a time because we do not want to open the oven door during baking as it will cause the choux to flat out.

The filling is really easy because I used instant custard powder. You can make you own favourite custard if you like. Here is the recipe for the filling. For the chocolate topping, I used Alton Brown's recipe because it is very easy. However, you can use any of your favourite ganache recipe for the topping.

Custard filling
100g instant custard powder
150g whipped cream (whipped till stiff)
250g cold water

Chocolate topping
1/2C chocolate chips
1/2t oil

1. Mix cold water and instant custard and stir till combined
2. Add whipped cream and gently fold till well combined
3. Transfer cream into a piping bag with a regular round tip/nozzle
4. Poke the side of the choux and squeeze the filling till it fills up the hole
5. Do the same for all choux and chill them

Chocolate topping
6. Add the chips and oil and double boil till chocolate melt
7. Take the chilled choux and dip the top into the melted chocolate and serve

Best to eat it chilled.


irene said...

the eclairs look so cute!

Zurynee said...

hahaha irene, it was supposed to be mini but came out fat and stubby :-P

My Taste Heaven said...

i love the recipe, maybe i can recommend it to my aunt, she's searching for some special recipes to make for x'mas~thanks for sharing.

~Merry Christmas~

Zurynee said...

you are welcome mytasteheaven :-)


Alexander said...

Hello, I just saw your other post on choux. If you buns collapsed after taking it out of the oven is either; undercooked, too much water, not enough eggs or stale eggs used. I bake my choux buns at around 200 C as it helps to evaporate the water faster so they 'pop' up. I bake it for around 20mins (its important not to open the oven door in the first 20mins), then I open the oven door to release the steam (so I can get a drier product) and reduce the oven temperature down to 170-180. Btw, as you beat the eggs into the dough, mix the eggs in slowly until the dough has a 'sheen' to it and reaches 'dropping consistency' (the dough falls down slow and steadilly when you pick it up with a spatula).Hope that helps you in future baking.