Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Cakes galore

We had a long weekend early this month due to Chinese New Year. I have been a bit busy for the first 2 weeks of February doing some baking and here are the pictures of what I did.

White Velvet cupcake with dark chocolate ganache

Delicious Red Velvet cake I did for CNY gathering

Mini cupcake cakepops with left over mud cake and ganache

Chocolate Banana cake ala Secret Recipe for my other half's birthday

Last but not least, my biggest fondant cake project. I did this for my nephew & niece's birthday. It was load of fun though.
the back view

I am not posting any recipes in this entry, let me know if you are interested :)


psychedelic said...

can you share your White Velvet cupcake with dark chocolate ganache recipe pls? thank you :)

Kelly Hsiao Photography said...

I would like to know your banana chocolate cake recipe! Looks beautiful! I tried your other banana cake recipe today and it was very good! Mine was not as fluffy bc I didn't use self-rising flour but it was moist and delicious. Next time I would like to try your banana chiffon recipe. Thank you!

Beanie said...

Hi , I have an award for you. Kindly view it here.
Thank you.

ChuanLI said...

Hi, I am a silent reader of your blog. Can you be kind enough to share the chocolate banana cake recipe with me?
Email :

Daun Pandan said...

Hi Zu, I am a silent reader interested on choc banana cake, white and red velvet cake.

SumaiyyahAbidah said...

Same here, I'd like the chocolate banana recipe. It looks divine!

Anne said...


Can you share the recipe for the chocolate banacake with it? It's my hubby's favourite at Secret Recipe.

Please email to:


d-dot said...


Mind sharing the red velvet recipe? =)

mumof4gals said...

Do you think you can share with me your recipe for the banana chocolate cake? Thank you!

nora said...

Salam Sis. Your food blog is truly awesome and inspiring!!!! Wld greatly appreciate If u cld share ur banana cake n red velvet cupcakes recipes. Can't wait to try them out. Tia:-) email:

Sabrina Salleh said...

Hi there :) My mum recommend your website to me. And she mention that your recipes are easy, excellent and can be trusted. Would greatly appreciate if you could share the minicupcake cakepops with leftover mud cake and ganache. Would love to try them out.
My email is