Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Fragrant Fried Pancakes

It was one of those days where I wanted to try making something a little bit different. I had quite a stash of scallions and sesame seeds and happened to find a recipe that uses both. It is pretty easy to make and lovely to eat it on its own or dip it with some thick gravy like curry, stew or even chilli dip.

This recipe is taken off the book Dim Sum Kitchen by Tan, Melody. I just estimate the amount for the spring onions, sesame seed and salt.

250g All purpose/Plain flour
100g boiling water
10g warm water
4g instant yeast (dissolve into 2T warm water)
5g spring onion
2.5g sesame seed
5g salt
vegetable oil for pan frying

1.Dice spring onion and put it aside
2. Pour flour into basin/bowl and add 100g boiling water and stir till flour is like bread crumbs
3. Dissolve yeast in abit of warm water about 2T
4. Once yeast started to bubble add to the flour and add another 10g warm water, spring onion, salt and stir
5. Cover with cloth for an hour and then knead again
6. Roll into into pancakes about 0.5cm thickness and sprinkle sesame seeds on both sides
7. Heat pan and add oil, pan fry on medium heat
8. Flip when one side turns golden brown and fry till it turns the same colour.
9. Remove, cut into small pieces and serve.

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