Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Slice Fish Noodles

I love anything soupy especially when it comes to noodles.  Whenever I have a chance I will get myself a bowl of sliced fish noodle soup.   This time round, instead of buying I decided to do a homemade version.  To get a good tasting broth, you need to simmer the soup on the stove for about 1hr or so.  Due to time constraint, I decided to use my pressure cooker instead.   There is not much ingredients used for the soup base.  I used about 2 medium size toman fish bones.  You can use other types of fish bone that you like.  As for noodles, it is optional.  You can have it with rice too.

Here is the easy recipe.  If you google, you will find lots of recipe, but for me personally, i like to keep it simple :-)

What you need:
3-4 slabs fish bones
3 thick slices of ginger
3 scallions, use the white part
1 T oil
3-4 ltr water
salt & pepper to taste
dash of apple cider vinegar

Slices of fish, coat with a bit of pepper and cornstarch
A bunch of chye sim, cut into 1.5inch peices
Chopped scallions for garnishing
garlic oil

What you do:
1. Heat oil in pot and add the fish bones, stir gently till they turn white
2. Add ginger slices, scallions and a bit of salt, stir till fragrant then add water
3. Let it simmer for 1hr or if you are using the pressure cooker, cover the pot and simmer for 15mins or till you get 2 whistle
4. Take the pressure cooker pot off the heat and let the pressure release on it's own
5. Remove the cover and put the fire back on, add salt and pepper to taste followed by apple cider vinegar
6. To server, get ready a small pot, scoop about 1-2 cups of broth to the pot and let it boil
7. Add the noodles followed by fish and vege, stir with a pair of chopsticks to ensure that the ingredients are cooked well
8. Drop an egg into the pot, cover the yolk with a bit of the ingredients to hasten the egg cooking time
9. Take pot off the heat and pour into a bowl, serve with a bit of garlic oil (optional), chopped scallions and chilli if you like

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