Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Baked Banana Pie

I have been thinking about the famous baked banana pie from the eastern part of singapore when my dad bought a bunch of local bananas for the girls.  As much as the kids love to eat bananas, it was way to much for them to consume within a few days.  So I went about searching for THE baked banana recipe that looks similar to the famous pie.  I remember vividly the flavour of banana and coconut and this particular recipe kind of hit the jackpot.  It is not difficult to make and it is delicious.   Will I make this again?  Yes I will :)

A slice of the delicious pie :) 

I got the recipe from Yochana but with minor changes.

What you need:
Pie Crust
125g butter
40g castor sugar
280g plain flour
1 egg


5 Bananas - slice thickly (use local bananas, ang ba cheo)
200g freshly grated coconut and toast it to get 100g
60g brown sugar
60g melted butter
40g flour
4 eggs
200ml milk
some almond bits

What you do:

Pie crust
1. Beat butter and castor sugar till creamy then add in egg and mix till combined
2. Add in flour and mix gently till smooth dough is formed
3. Press into a 9" pie pan (loose-bottom) and baked at 180C for about 10 mins then leave it to cool

1. Mix all the dry ingredients and put aside
2. Mix all the wet ingredients and pour into the ingredients, stir and mix thoroughly3. Take the cooled pie crust and arrange sliced bananas inthe crust and then pour the fillings over the bananas, sprinkle almond bits and bake again at 160C for about 50 mins or till golden brown
3. Remove from oven and let it cool completely before slicing


Little Corner of Mine said...

Interesting! That looks like a big pie! I don't think I have this kind of baked banana pie before.

Zurynee said...

The recipe yields a 9 inch pie. I love the banana and coconut combination, do give it a try :)

maxiee said...

Might be a silly question but is 160C fan forced?

Zurynee said...

Yes, with fan.