Friday, March 23, 2012

Easy Cheese Fries

I made this for my 2nd girl as she loves loves cheese fries.  So I took the opportunity to make this not only to please her but also to test the Airfryer which I purchase very recently.  I have been using the fryer regularly and I love it loads.  Having it keeps my sanity intact during the morning madness preparing meals for the family before I go off to work. 

I airfried the fries (store bought courtesy of my dad) for about 12mins at 170C and they came out just nice.  The orangy sauce you see is the cheese sauce, not 100% homemade tough.  The consistency was a bit too watery as I added wee too much milk.  It's not 100% homemade because I used the balance nacho cheese dip which I purchased from a local supermarket/dept store here, Mustafa and added some melted cheese mix to give it a better flavour.  To be honest, the dip is not that fantastic in terms of flavour.  It's suitable for vegetarian though and it is pretty cheap.

So what I did was I melted a few slices of cheese in milk, maybe about 1/4C milk with 5 slices of cheese (you can add more if you want it thicker).  I tore the cheese slices into small pieces and dump into the milk, use the microwave to heat the milk and melt the cheese at 20secs a couple of times, stirring it to ensure that the mixture was smooth.  Then once that was done, i added the store bought nacho cheese, stir them well and then it's ready to be used.  You can add a few dashes of hot sauce to give it some heat too.

Here is the cheese sauce.  My method is totally not necessary if you got yourself a good store bought nacho cheese :-)

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