Friday, March 02, 2012

New kitchen appliance .. not all

Being a full time working mom and the need to cook for the family requires a lot of planning and time management.  In order to get all these done without going crazy, I am always in a lookout for applicances that can help me work more efficiently.  So this post is about my latest addition to my kitchen that I got for myself, well except for the happy call pan which is really not new though :)   I love the happy call pan (do a search and you find loads of infor about it) and it is currently very very popular in this part of the world.   It is generally a flip pan where you can cook both sides.  What you see in the picture is korean chicken stew that I made using this pan.  It is non-stick (not teflon) and works like a pressure cooker too.  So cooking dishes like potatoes, carrots and meat is a breeze.   I use this almost everyday as I like to do my omelette and reheating my patties with it.  Oh, I do potatoes with it too :) 

Another one which I just purchased yesterday night as it was on offer.  I have been holding back in getting

this earlier because I find the the capacity is too small to cook for a family of 5.  But because of my older 2 girls, I had to get this to hasten the grilling of chicken and fish.   I don't like to fry chicken or fish especially early in the morning as I am such a fussy pot when it comes to oily kitchen .. the amount of work to clean up is too much and with the early morning rush, it is just impossible.   I can't wait to do a test run over the weekend :)  I am kinda excited actually *LOL*


The Survival said...

Hi, may I ask does the Happy Call leak at all? I have been eyeing it but it is a bit of an investment for me so am wondering if it is worth it. Seen lots of people endorsing it but still unsure.

What is the new gadget? A deep fryer? Hate oily kitchens too!

Zurynee said...

With happycall pan, you don't need alot of oil or not at all. There is a little vent at the back of the pan. As long as you don't tilt it towards it, it won't leak.

The other one is an airfryer, a deep fryer without oil. Actually it works like a a small convectional oven.

RaisedEyeBrow said...

Thank for the info! Appreciate it.

Oh I see, now I recognise it ... it's the one Bryan has been advertising on telly. Cool! :) Thanks again!