Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tomato Sauce Noodles

This is actually inspired by Sarawak Kway Teow. Since my kids and husband are not a great fan of kway teow, I substitute it with udon instead. You can use any noodles that you like as the method is pretty much like hor fun.

What you need:
1 kg fresh noodle (kway teow, udon, yellow noodles or bee hoon)
3 cloves garlic, minced
3T black soya sauce
2T oil
200-300g chicken fillet, cut into strips
200-300g prawns/squids
3 pieces fish cakes, slice thinly
2 small carrot, slice thinly
1 bunch of chye sim or any greens that you like
150g-200g tomato ketchup
3T oyster sauce (adjust accordingly)
2T sugar (adjust accordingly)
pepper to taste
3C water/stock
cornflour/flour roux (as thickener)

What you do:
1. Heat oil in a wok and add garlic, stir till fragrant
2. Add noodles and stir till they are coated with oil (this is very important so that it won't stick when you add the soya sauce)
3. Add soya sauce and stir till most of the noodles are coated with it, it doesn't need to be evenly coated
4. Scoop the noodles out into a serving dish and put aside
5. In the same wok, add water or stock, once water starts to boil, add ketchup, oyster sauce, sugar and pepper
6. Let it simmer then add the carrot, seafood and meat, cook for 6-8 minutes then add the greens
7. Add cornflour roux and continue simmer till gravy thickens slighty, adjust the water and seasoning if needed
8. Pour over the noodles and serve

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look so yummy and delicious