Friday, July 15, 2011

Chilled Cheesecake with oreos (update with recipe link)

Made this simple chilled cheesecake for my brother-in-law who turned 19 last month. He is into wushu and so to make it extra special, I did a silhoutte using chocolate for decoration. I had a bit of excess of the both the filling and base, so I made them into cuppies just nice for the kids :-D

I used the recipe from the nobake chocolate+banana cheesecake (CLICK HERE) I replace the biscuit with oreos instead, minus the chocolate on the base and banana.


Amelia said...

yum yum, cheese with oreo the best combination.

façon à la mode said...

hey! looks delicious! can i have the recipe plssssssssss?

Aimei said...

i have not visit your blog for ages and still as good as before! am searching back the mooncake recipe i used to make. ;)