Saturday, September 17, 2005

Snowskin Mooncake

I would like to apologize for not updating this blog for awhile. I had a pretty hectic schedule lately and could not find the time to update this blog. I have not been cooking nor baking lately but managed to make my very first snowskin mooncake. The recipe is not difficult and bought almost all of the items from the store.

I always like eating snowskin mooncake and decided to make my own after I found an easy recipe shared by one of the member at M4M. I modified it slightly by reducing the sugar and added condensed milk to give it a creamier taste.


The cross-section of the mooncake.


I halved the original recipe and able to get about 11 mini mooncakes.


75g glutinous fried rice flour (kou fein), can get it any baking supply stores
90g powdered sugar
33g shortening
75g cold drinking water
1/2 tsp condensed milk
Vanilla essence or other flavours that you fancy
Colorings of you choice
Lotus paste, can be bought from baking supply store
Salted egg yolks, steamed on an oil plate for about 5-10min

1. Sieve flour and powdered sugar
2. Add shortening and mix them till you get crumb like texture
3. Add water, condensed milk, essence and colouring, mix well until it forms a smooth dough
4. Set dough aside for at least 20mins
5. Make the fillings into ball shapes each 30g (inclusive of yolk if you using one)
6. Divide dough into small portion each 20g
7. Flatten dough to wrap up the fillings
8. Seal up dough to enclose filling completely
9. Press into mould and knock the mould to loosen the mooncake

Note: Ensure that you roll the dough with fried glutinous rice and sprinkle some of it in the mould to ease releasing the mooncake.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Like our site very much! Wondering do you have durian snowskin mooncake recipe? - snowskin mooncake with fresh durian fresh in it. Looking for it everywhere but can't find it. Wanted to learn as my family love durians! If you have it, can email me at Thank you, Serene

Amrita said...

hi zu, does this recipe stay soft in the fridge??? i tried a diff recipe but it seems to harden up in the u happen to know why that would happen?

Zurynee said...

Hi amrita,

This one stays soft in the fridge. What are the ingredients used ?


Amrita said...

shortening, icing sugar, water and koh fun

yoki said...

hi zu,

i'm very eager to try out this recipe! however, if i dont want to put condensed milk, how much sugar should i put then? also, is this the original or 1/2 recipe?


Zurynee said...

hi yoki,

You can omit the condensed milk. Without that, use 100g of icing sugar :)

This is halved recipe. To double it, use 65g shortening.


Yoki said...

hi zu,

thanks for the info

a "big" tip from a friend .. replace the water with pandan water, ie boil water with pandan leaves and put in fridge to cool, your MC will smell/taste super fragrant!

yoki >_<

Jean said...

hi zuryee,
i like ur site very much!
but i dun get wat is glutinous fried rice flour, meaning i got to fry the flour myself or fried one is available in store?
thank you!

Johan said...

Hi Zu,

I wanna try the recipe but i cannot get the "glutinous" fried rice flour. Can I just fry it or maybe I should use the microwave?

Thank you for your help...

Anonymous said...

hi Zu, i came upon ur site when searching for mooncake recipe :) I am going to try ur recipe, but where do i get the glutinous fried rice flour as mentioned?

You can email me at Thanks, Joyce

Anonymous said...

Hi, Like the site very much! Wondering do you have durian snowskin mooncake recipe? snowskin mooncake with fresh durian fresh in it or durian flavour. Looking for it everywhere but can't find it. Wanted to give my family a surprise! If you have it, can email me at Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering why is water measured in grams and not in ml?
How to convert grams of water into ml?

Zurynee said...

Hi anonymous,

75g of water is equivalent to 75ml and this only applies to water :-)


Anonymous said...

Hi, how much lotus paste is required.?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the simple and yummy recipe. We just went out to buy the ingredients after lunch and had mooncake for tea! My daughter loves it and says she can make her own now and don't need to wait for us to buy it for her.

Anonymous said...

do you have snowskin mooncake recipe with chocolate chip cookie as the filling?