Friday, March 31, 2006

Mustard Greens with Salted Egg

This dish was inspired by TT. I replaced the meat with fish slices and came out real nice. A very simple yet refreshing soup.


1 packet mustard green, cleaned and cut into pieces
1 slice ginger, julienned
150gm fish fillet, sliced
2 salted eggs (raw)
salt & pepper
2 tsp oil

1. Season fish slices with salt, pepper and a bit of cornflour
2. Heat oil in a pot and once oil is hot, add fish slices and fry till slices turn a little white then add ginger
3. Once fragrant, add water and once water starts to boil, add the salted eggs
4. Lastly throw in the vegetables and add salt and pepper to taste
5. Once vege is cooked, turn off fire and serve hot with fried shallots

1 comment:

fooDcrazEE said...

hhmm - kak zu, try removing the egg yolk and then boiled them ....once cook, then remove and chopped. Sprinkle on ur vege..lagi sedap