Thursday, January 25, 2007

Salmon Gravlax

I love salmon in any form except when it's overcooked. Finally got hold of fresh salmon to make this. This makes a great finger food too.

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The basic of curing fish is to remember the sugar and salt amount. It is 1 part sugar and 1 part salt. Mix them together and add chopped fresh herbs. For this, I used dill.

2 pcs fresh salmon fillet
1 part salt } eg. if you are using 1/4 cup salt,
1 part sugar } use 1/4 cup sugar
bunch of fresh dill, chopped
2-3 tbps freshly ground black pepper
lemon zest
cling wrap/aluminium foil for wrapping fish

1. Clean and pat dry the fish
2. Mix salt and sugar till well incorporated
3. Add chopped dill, black pepper and lemon zest into the salt/sugar mix
4. Mix all them till well combined
5. Place one fish, skin side down on a cling wrap/foil
6. Cover the top and the sides with the curing mixture
7. Take the second fish with skin side up and cover the first fish
8. Wrap the fish tightly and place it on a tray
9. Place a chopping board or anything heavy on top of the wrapped fish
10.Keep in the fridge for at least 24 hrs
11.To serve, clean the fish by removing all the salt/sugar mixture
12.Remove skin and slice thinly
13.Serve on it's own or with salad


MyPeriukBelanga said...

Hi zurynee,
Salam to you & your family. How's your cute lil one at home? I've been ur regular follower since u started. I really envy u, a career mother with a cooking ambitions! Well I don't think I can cope like you as in throwing 2 stones in a hand! Bravo zu! Take care & will carry on to be a great follower of yours!

FloatingLilac said...

Salam sis.

So glad that u're back here, sharing ur recipes!

I've waited so long for u to update tau!!

and congrats on the new addition to ur family ya!!

My mum lurve to bake salmons (and i will eat it with oyster sauce, nevermind if my mum had put a sweet and sour sauce on it!)

aunidayini said...

Welcome back! Have been waiting for your return... looking foward to your yummy recipes :)

Anonymous said...

chanced by ur blog and i must say im impressed!! Btw, how do u noe if the salmon u buy is fresh enough to cure and have it raw??

fooDcrazEE said...

hmm..sounds r ya...

Anonymous said...

try adding a little bit of vodka to the mixture. lemon flavored works well too. it makes the gravlax cleaner tasting