Monday, April 06, 2009

Panini wannabe :-P

This talk about panini started in a parenting forum which I frequent and made me crave to have one. I love sandwiches but not those cold ones. If it is not hot, it has to be at room temperature *LOL* So all these talk about panini excited me but the problem is, it is not very easy to get a low price panini presser (even the over the stove kind would cost a lot more). There is one selling at departmental store but it costs a whopping S$300+ :-( So after doing my window shopping, I decided to get a multi-plate snack maker.

It has 3 interchangable plates and well it works pretty fine for me although you may have a problem with thicker sandwiches though. I started with something simple.

Egg mayo sandwich

Peanut butter+banana sandwich

So far I am pretty happy with this gadget. In fact I have made waffles and pocketed sandwiches with it. The waffles will be updated later ;-D


tigerfish said...

I have a Philips sandwich maker too!

yahfiq said...

drooolinggg looking at the sandwishes.. hehe..

natasya said...

welcome back!

Sri said...

Zu, Yum!!
My kids love bananas with nutella panini. :D

chicchicbaby said...

Oh Zu!! You are tempting me again. Haha

chumpman said...

The sandwich looks really tempting, drool. I don't like cold sandwich either so I simply toast the bread in a pan. Hm.....peanut butter and banana, I should try this too

Anonymous said...

hi, where did you buy this model. I can't find it anywhere recently.


Zurynee said...

hi jackie, I purchase mine from Courts in singapore. You can check harvey norman or best denki.