Friday, March 05, 2010

Firm Tofu with Sweet Soya Chincalok

My other half and myself need something a little spice to go with our rice. Since I made fish soup for the girls, I made this extremely simple side dish for the adults at home :-) We don't eat chincalok very often but this has been our favourite recently as it goes very well with steamed rice. It's usually as a dip with cucumber, winged bean (or known as kacang botol) and other local salad. For this, I added a few dashes of kicap manis and top it on the fried firm tofu. This only took me about 15 mins depending on how many tofu you need to fry *LOL* It is best that you eat it hot.

Firm tofu, cut into quarters and fry them
2-3T Chinchalok chilli sauce (I used Taho brand which you can purchase from NTUC)
A few dashes of kicap manis (Habhal's brand)

1. Arrange the fried tofu on a plate
2. Scoop 2-3T of chinchalok chilli sauce on the tofu
3. Top with with a few dashes of kicap manis
4. Serve it hot


yahfiq said...

sedapnya.. menyelerakan gitu.. thanks 4 sharing..

Zurynee said...

You are welcome sis :-)


shiro koibito said...

So wonderfull!! and tasty too..