Friday, March 05, 2010


We have sandwich dinner at least once a week. Usually it will be on nights where my eldest daughter has her tuition at home. My kids are bread eater and they always looking forward for sandwich dinners. Their favourite is Tuna although we will have cold meat slices which is not very often though. While the girls are happy with their soft bread, the hubster likes it grilled like this.

A simple and cheap panini presser is not easy to find here in Singapore. However, a friend recommended me this particular brand which is affordable and large enough to fit at least 2 sandwiches. This is the presser/grill that I got last year and I simply love it. Although I bought a philips cucina with changable plates earlier for my paninis, that is now used strictly for my waffles *LOL*

Oh I forgot to mention, the brand is Princess.


*DEEBZ-// said...

how to do this? the steps?

yahfiq said...

sedapnya sandwich tuu..

celine said...

how much and where to buy? thanks!

Zurynee said...

Hi deebz, you just do the sandwich as you normally would do and place it on the grill and press it. :-)

Hi Celine, I bought it at Tangs end of last year. I paid about S$60+