Thursday, December 08, 2005

For Chocolate Lovers ;-)

For the last couple of weeks, I have been baking different types of chocolate cake in preparation for my sil's wedding. I promised her to bake her a chocolate cake as a gift for her wedding and have been pretty hardworking in getting the best one for her *wink*.

One of the cake that was tested Chocolate Cheese Cake.


A nice combination, chocolate and cream cheese :)

After trying a couple of recipes, finally baked this for my dear sil.


Well, the cake still look pretty amateurish, but nevertheless, it tasted heavenly .. heh


fooDcrazEE said...

wow! amateurish ? u must be kidding, Zu.

Tea said...

I agree with foodcrazee...that looks like something I could get at a bakery! Amateurish!?!? T_T; No WAY!

fooDcrazEE said...

kudo ! to our SIFU......

lizanoor said...

yum-yum. during de akad, i cuma dapat telan air liur saje melihatnye.

choc-cheese combo? definitely nice... me-montel-kan. kekekeke ....

Anonymous said...

damn zu, ur making me drool all over the place, it looks pro for a home baker u know!

rokh said...

you did the craze of CCC! and the one for sil is superb!

Em said...

Hello Zu

I check ur page everyday but only today nampak update.....

D cake is so heavenly...

Anonymous said...

Amateurish??!!! don't thk so!!! You got me drooling too!! Bravo!!

I'm into baking too, but trying to make more time for that. I've only baked suji biscuits & choco chip cookies so far & manggo pudding since i got my own oven.
Anyway I'd appreciate if you could share with me how did u decorate the cake for yr SIL's wedding.
How did you make the big hearts with names, the mini 'oval' hearts, and the lines on top of the cake. I'm guessing u bot the flower fm the bakery. Pl reply to my email addy if possible, or post your reply here...BTW: I'm yahfiq's pal.

THANK YOU! n keep it up!

Zurynee said...

Hi Sherin,

I have replied to your hotmail account. Anyways, here is the content of the email :)

I bought the choc decorettes (the small heart shapes) and flower from the following shop.

The Bake It Yourself Store
182 Bukit Timah Road
Singapore 229853
Tel: 61002253 Fax: 6512 7755

For the name, I actually use a heart shape sugar plate. Because I ruined the piping, I used ganache to come out with the design. The sides are whipped ganache, the middle is the ganache. I used a satay stick to write the name.