Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Bread Pizza Base (Extremely easy)

This is for those who are lazy to make pizza base from scratch (including myself). This one uses a few days old bread. There are so many things that you can make using left over bread, I usually use it to make fritters, french toast, bread pudding, croutons, toasts with toppings, garlic bread and many many more. The only thing I have not tried is to use it to make a pizza base, I mean shape it into a round pizza base. This is also partly inspired by an online friend's quest (jq) for an easy, shortcut pizza base 8-)


A slice of the pizza

6 or more slices of bread, sides removed (amount based on the size of the pizza pan)
water or milk (UHT or fresh)
pizza sauce
your favourite toppings
olive oil
* can throw in some dried herbs to make the base more flavourful

1. Preheat oven to 190c
2. Tear bread into small pieces
3. Pour water/milk bit by bit just enough to soak the bread pieces
4. Using your hands, mash the bread pieces until you can form a ball. This is to ensure that the bread is moist enough, the mashed bread should not be too wet
5. Press the mashed bread into the pizza pan, make sure that you press hard so that the base will not break when you slice it later
6. Brush the base with olive oil and put your favourite pizza sauce and toppings
7. Bake for about 20-25 minutes till the sides are crispy and the toppings are golden brown. If you find the base a little wet, use the low grill and grill it for about 5-10mins


fooDcrazEE said...

send some over please.........

Anonymous said...

This is such a clever way to use up the leftover bread! Will give it a try!

rokh said...

that is so creative! thanks

Zurynee said...

foodcrazee: will email it to you ;)

anonymous: do give it a try :)

rokh: thanks :)

Anonymous said...

I was bloghopping and I come across ur blog. Masha-allah it's a very impressive blog :) anyway I tried the bread base pizza and my 16mths old son luvs it alot, of coz the topping was simple Napoletana sauce, cheese and olive, yum yum to thank u for that yummy pizza!!!!

jessicasantiago said...

Hi, I just tried your recipe in Melbourne Australia, and it worked really well. Unfortunately I added too much tomato and it wrecked the base a little bit. But overall I save 1/2 a loaf of bread. So proud.

Chez Vies said...

thank you thank you ....for sharing the sons are on pizza craze and I sort of hate to do the base from scratch..) Will surely try this :)

Zurynee said...

You are welcome :)

Myka Danila said...

Hi. Thank you for your post. I tried it but I added egg because I cooked in a stove top pan. It still tasted great. Sometimes being lazy fuels resourcefulness. Haha.

Monique Swart said...

Worked out wonderfully! I used it at a party I hosted! Although I added olive oil to the bread and milk as well as some herbs. It was a real hit! Everyone wants the recipe!