Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Easy crab meat patties

I got a pack of 500g crab meat in my freezer and it has been sitting there for quite a while. Inspired by a suggestion by a mom from a forum that I frequent about making patties with fish paste as finger food, I decided to give it a shot with crab meat instead. This is a simple dish with very minimal ingredients. You can use your favourite seafood meat and add more ingredients like mix vege to make it more wholesome.

I wasn't sure whether my kids would like it but surprisingly they finished it all :-) If you want a thicker coating, coat the patty with egg and breadcrumbs 2x before frying it. This will give the patty a nice thick, even coating that looks like those frozen patties you get at the supermarket. Do give it a try.

500g crab meat (you can use fish or cuttlefish paste or a mix of each of them)
2 medium potatoes, steam and mashed
1 egg, lightly beaten
1-2T corn flour or AP flour
salt & pepper to taste
enough oil for frying

enough breadcrumbs
egg, lightly beaten

1. Mix crab meat and mashed potatoes throughly
2. Season with salt & pepper to taste
3. Add egg and flour and mix till well blended
4. Shape into lemon size balls and flatten it to patties
5. Chill patties in the refrigerator for about 2hrs
6. Place breadcrumbs, egg and flour each into 3 individual plates
7. Heat up oil in the pan
8. Coat patty with flour, followed by dipping into the lightly beaten egg
9. Coat with breadcrumbs, dip into egg again and coat with breadcrumbs a second time
10.Fry patty till golden brown
11.Serve hot with lemon wedges

Enjoy !!


shafahanz-iman said...

tried to bake the same yesterday (substitute with mince meat).. result: not as good as yours.. Will try again. coz I loves patties..

Zurynee said...

aww .. give a try again ;-)


yahfiq said...

i will definitely try this one day.. i lurve patties food tooo..

Somewhere in Singapore said...

This is my first time visiting your blog...

Looks good, will give it a try one of these day...

jadepearl said...

Oh....this looks delicious! Thanks for the recipe...will try! :)

alternative-mom said...

You can also use salmon instead and it'd be called salmon fishcake in UK. :)

So, I reckon we can call yours crab meat fishcakes. :)

For people with food allergies, the egg can be omitted. Just add a bit of soya milk to the mash potatoes, will do as nicely.

I make mine using a 'short cut'. Mix the cooked and flaked salmon to the mashed potatoes with soya milk. Then coat the patties in biscuit crumbs (water biscuits - they don't contain milk or egg). Voila!

Anonymous said...

How many patties does this recipe make?

Zurynee said...

Depending on size, I did medium size patties and I got about 8 of them.

=It'S pRoBaBly LoVe= said...

Hi, I'm interested to make the patties! But what does 1-2T cornflour means? 1-2 Tablespoons?

Zurynee said...

Yes it's 1-2 tablespoon