Friday, May 08, 2009

Easy Waffles

The hubby likes eating waffles with ice-cream, for me, I prefer to have it with jam/fruit preserves. Got this recipe from the manual that comes with the Philips snack maker and I like the fact that it is easier than the ones using eggs. This one uses whipping cream instead but you will still need to whip it till stiff to lighten the texture of this wonderful waffles. Surprisingly even without sugar it tastes real nice and crispy.


200ml ice cold water
200g plain flour
300ml double cream (or any other whipping cream you have)
pinch of salt

1. Mix flour,salt and water
2. Stir till batter is smooth
3. Whip the cream until stiff
4. Mix the cream into the flour batter little at a time gently
5. Pour batter to the buttered waffle maker and cook as per the maker's instruction
6. Serve hot with toppings of your choice


Anonymous said...

a freind and i were searching for waffle maker here in suzhou for the past few weeks [online too], but still they dun sell it here la!!
kesian kiter eh...?]

jadepearl said...

This is like those at Prima Deli? Am hunting for THAT recipe coz son only eats that...thanks!

Zurynee said...

boadicea3011,when you come back to sgp u can purchase one ;-)

jadepearl, this waffle is not the prima deli kind. I have one still on testing level, will update once it is a success. ;-)