Monday, May 18, 2009

The 'perfect' vanilla sponge cake - finally !!

Don't call me crazy but I have been on a mission to find a perfect vanilla sponge cake for creamed cakes for a couple of years already. I have tried many many recipes, not that they are not good but it didn't taste right for me. I know some of the people I know will ask why would I want my cake tastes like those from bakeries? Well, of course I admit that it can be difficult to replicate the taste of those lovelies from bakeries but to me it is a challenge - to be able to make something that is as good as those from known bakeries and not having to rely on sponge mixes *LOL* (simply because they have the closest taste). Neways, back to the topic of sponge cake, I finally found the perfect recipe and I am soo happy that I made it yesterday although I was pretty tired.

Recipe can be found here

The outcome is moist and soft cake. Yummy !!! I frost it with buttercream because I wanted to finish it off and of course, free some space in my fridge .. heh

At the same time, I used the opportunity to use my new gadget, which I actually purchased last year but never had the chance to use it until yesterday *LOL* Don't ask me how much I paid for it because you will tell me that I am crazy :-P But hey, you can grab it at Amazon at a price definitely cheaper than what I paid :-)

This is extremely useful especially weighing small grain items like gelatine powder, yeast, baking powder etc. .. lovely isn't it? (I can't help it, I am a gadget freak *LOL*)


yahfiq said...

im drooolinnngg at the kek... btw mcm2 kitchen gadget u ada eh.. cooool..

Anonymous said...

Wld u be able to share the perfect vanilla sponge cake for creamed cakes recipe pls? pls kindly email me as i may not check the blog regularly. =p

Thks a lot

Anonymous said...

Hi, that is a cool gadget. What is it called n where did u get it? Any discount now with the GSS?

Anonymous said...

i tried the sponge cake ystday, it was full of 9" tray when baking, but it become 7" big sponge cake when its cool out from oven.Can you please tell me why and what is the problem become like that. Thanks you for your prompt reply.

Zurynee said...

Hi anonymous,

It could be due to several reasons. One of them I hope you didn't grease the tin. I usually lined the bottom of the tin and leave out the sides. DId you invert the tin right after you took the cake out of the oven? This is important to keep the height. Also baking at high temperature can cause the cake to collapse after cooling. Best is to cook at the lowest rack at about 170C because different oven has different heat levels. Lastly, when whipping the egg whites, make sure you don't over whipped it. It will cause the breakdown of the protein and you cake will collapse.


Thuy said...


I've been searching the net for a sponge cake receipe to try and make for my son's birthday. Please may I have your receipe to this perfect vanilla sponge cake?

my email is

Thankyou very much,

Anonymous said...

hello could i please have the receipe as i am atempting!! to make a cake for my sons first birthday. also could you give me your opion as i wanted to fill it with chocolate butter cream do you think this will work! thank you!

my email address is

Anonymous said...


The vanilla cake looks simply delicous! I am fasting at the moment, so I don't know how helpful it is for me to be looking at the yumminess. lol.

Can you please email me the recipe? I would like to make it for eid (I know ... its only in 25 days time!) My email address is :

All the best with Ramadaan, I hope that you are having a good one :)

Anonymous said...


I am trying to find a good sponge cake like the japanese sponge cake I hope you can share with me.Thanks

My email is

jasmine said...

Hi Zurynee,

i have tried baking the cake yesterday and is sad to say that the cake didnt turn out well.
1)The cake rise in the oven but deflated / collapsed onces taken out of the oven.
2)One side of the cake is higher than the other when baking.
Btw how long should i whisk the egg white? im a green horn in bakering. Pls enlighten. thankinh u

Anonymous said...

hi can I know where I can buy this mesuring spoon?

Zurynee said...

Hi jasmin,

Did you invert the baking pan to let the cake cool after you took it out of the oven? Also you should try not to overbeat the egg whites because it may cause the cake collapse once out of the oven. Once the egg white is shiny and doesn't drop from the paddle, you can stop beating it. I hope you don't lose hope trying this :-)


Zurynee said...

Hi anonymous,

You can purchase it from


MY said...

I have been trying to get the spong cake right, still couldn't. Will try again soon.

Simonne said...

wow cool digital spoon weight u have there. Can i ask u what is the min g the digital can weight?