Monday, October 26, 2009

Review: Dessa Sambal Goreng paste

This time round I am going to review the sambal goreng paste which I got from a local supermarket. I am not exactly a great fan of off the shelf paste but there are exceptions when I am either to lazy to buy the ingredients for the paste or running out of time. I was intending to make sambal goreng but changed my mind last minute due to some last minute chore that I have to attend to. So with the ingredients I have, I decided to go ahead making it but using a ready made paste. This is fairly straight forward, you need to fry all the ingredients like beancurd, tempe, beef lungs, prawns, meat etc first, then with very little oil, fry the paste till the oil separates a little. I added a bit of tamarind pulp and abit more water. You can add abit of coconut milk but not too much as it will alter the taste. Then add all the ingredients and let it simmer.

The outcome, taste wise, it is not bad.

I don't see any msg in the ingredients list but that doesn't mean it doesn't contain any. So far I didn't feel thirsty eating my sambal goreng and I can safely say that it is pretty alright. I don't mind buying this again if I am pressed for time.

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