Sunday, October 18, 2009

Seafood and Beef Noodles

I made this for my guests who came for eid celebration recently. On a day like this, I will try to prepare something that is simple so that I will have time to sit and chit chat with them. This is best serve when it just out of the wok :-)

The choice of noodles is entirely up to you. I chose hokkien yellow noodles and bee hoon as my kids prefer this compared to kway teow.

1 packet hokkien yellow noodles
1 small packet of bee hoon, soaked
1 pack chye sim, cut into small pieces
chinese cabbage, cut into small pieces
fish cake, sliced
200g prawns, tail-on and precooked
200g beef slices, marinated with pepper and corn flour
5 cloves garlic
1 inch ginger
3T oyster sauce
2C or more water/stock
salt & pepper to taste
corn flour paste (add 2 tsp flour with a bit of water) as thickener

1. Preheat wok with 2T of oil
2. Blend garlic and ginger into paste
3. Stir fry ginger and garlic paste till fragrant
4. Add salt while sauteing the garlic/ginger paste
5. Add sliced beef and stir fry till it turns grey
6. Add 2 cups of water/stock and let it simmer till beef is tender
7. Add the oyster sauce, salt & pepper to taste
8. Add sliced fish cake, chye sim, cabbage and simmer till they are tender
9. Pour in the corn flour paste and stir till well blended
10.Lastly add the noodles and stir till all the ingredients are blended nicely
11.Serve hot with fried shallots and chilli pickle

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