Sunday, October 18, 2009

Tuna melts

My kids love this, an alternative to the old boring tuna sandwiches that they usually would have on days when I am super lazy *blush* It is extremely easy if you buy all the ingredients from the wrap to the shredded cheddar cheese *LOL*

Tortilla wraps
Canned tuna or whatever filling that you like
Shredded cheddar cheese

1. Heat pan
2. Place one wrap on the heated pan let it warm up
3. Spread some filling to on side of the wrap
4. Sprinkle cheese and leave it for a minute, once you see some of the cheese starts to melt, fold over the wrap
5. Press it lightly so that the edges will stick
6. Flip it over to heat the other side
7. Serve it warm with ketchup or chilli sauce

Enjoy !


Anonymous said...

You should try having it with cheese only. Also eat with some salsa, sour cream and jalapeneos (pickled green chillis). I lived on this for about 2years while at uni in Arizona. :)

Zurynee said...

thank you for your suggestion, but unfortunately my kids don't fancy salsa *LOL* will probably make this for myself ;-)


Raihana-ريحانا said...

zu, will try this .. sure my kid will love it.. thanks for sharing .. wow so simple. and my kids fancy salsa will try add it too ...

Zurynee said...

You are welcome Raihana :-)


Unknown said...


Where can you buy tortilla and Jalapena chili peppers in Singapore?

Zurynee said...

Tortilla you can get easily at the supermarkets like NTUC, Cold storage etc. Jalepena chilli you will probably need to check at speciality stores like Cold Storage/Market Place or NTUC Finest. Probably you can check mustafa too.

Unknown said...

Hi Zurynee

Thanks for the info. It's helpful to know. I live in california but will be visiting singapore in 3 months and would like to make tacos when I am there but not sure whether these are available there.