Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Easy Tuna Springroll

I was thinking of having springroll for dinner and was cracking my brains on the filling. Since I will be making it ad-hoc I need to prepare something that is easy and most importantly nice. So came out with this using off-the-shelf seasoned canned tuna and diced potato. Extremely versatile, no-fuss, no mess recipe.

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(Makes about 12 small springrolls)

1 can chilli tuna or any flavour that you like (Ayam Brand)
1 russet potato, cooked and diced
chopped spring onions
popiah skin (small packet)
egg wash
oil for frying


1. Wash and pat dry potato (with skin) and make some holes with a fork. Wrap with paper kitchen towel and cook it in the microwave at high for about 5-8 minutes. Use a satay stick to check doneness
2. When cooked potato is cooled enough to handle, remove skin and dice into small pieces
3. Add diced potatoes into the tuna mixture and mix well
4. Take a teaspoonful and place it at the centre of the popiah skin and fold it. Use the egg wash to seal the popiah
5. Deep fry popiah till golden brown
6. Serve immediatey

You can use any sauce for dipping or even wrap the popiah with salad.

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wenwenzz said...

hi dear, i tried this out at my bf's place and he love it! simply becos he's a huge fan of tuna!

modgurl said...

Hi there!

I came across your blog while looking for popiah recipes. Your tuna springroll looked super easy for a lazy cook! Very creative too! I shall try making it first thing in the morning! If it turns out good (which I know it will!), you'll have my accolades in my blogs! :D


Zurynee said...

thank you wenwenzz & modgurl ;-)