Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Nonya Kaya

I love kaya and always thought that making it is just too much work. I was totally wrong. I finally made my own kaya using an easy recipe by tthksy at KC with my breadmaker. You can also use the slow cooker under low heat overnight or double boil it if you like. I have adjusted the sugar to 1/2 cup.

I don't a picture right now. Will update later.


1 cup coconut milk (about 250ml)
4 eggs (60g or 5 for 50g)
1/2 cup sugar (can replace with brown sugar if you like brown kaya)
2 pandan leaves, cut into small pieces (can put more if you want it to be very fragrant)


Mix all the ingredients above till well blend and pour in the inner pot of the slow cooker or breadmaker pan.

Slow cooker - turn dial to low and let it cook for 7-8 hours or overnight
Breadmaker - select the JAM setting and let it cook.

The final product will be a little lumpy, if you like it smooth, blend the kaya. Otherwise, use a whisk to whisk it to get the consistency you like.

I find the taste quite similar to the ones from killiney road. Really worth the try.


Anonymous said...

Hi Zu,

Tried your recipe using the breadmaking machine just now.

Wah, so easy compared to the traditional method.


Zurynee said...

Hi anonymous,

You are welcome :)


Beau Lotus said...

I don't have a breadmaker or a slow cooker, could I use something else??? I want to eat kaya!

Zurynee said...

hi beau_lotus,

Yes you can cook it over the stove. Use the whisk to stir the kaya till it thickens. If you want the kaya to be very thick, add a little bit of flour but it is optional.


Amrita Bala said...

Hi Zu. the kaya is currently in my breadmaker, and it looks like big chunks of scrambled eggs! is this normal????

Zurynee said...

Hi amrita,

Cool the cooked kaya and blend it till smooth. I am not sure which brand of breadmaker you are using, but mine is heating element is hot so I don't usually finish the cycle. But not too worry, blending it will smoothen it ;)


Amrita said...

It turned out like a whole bunch of scrambled eggs and omelette lol..I blended it and made it smooth, but then the next day, after sitting in the fridge, it became so solid and gelatinous, that I had to throw it away

Zurynee said...

Oh dear amrita. Ok, what I would suggest you to do the next time don't finish the jam cycle. Check the mixture once you could smell the pandan. Once the texture turns thick, turn off the breadmaker.


Amrita said...

Thats alright Zu! I'll try again soon!!! :) Practice makes perfect lol

Anonymous said...

i'm psyching myself up to make this. *pant*
should i use canned coconut milk, how much of it should i use? my grandmother would say "agak-agak". that's intimidating. lol.
thanks yar.

- ling

Anonymous said...

3rd hour on the slow cooker. Have stirred it several times, last I checked.. it became curdy like scarmbled eggs. Whisked it like I'm training my biceps. I don't have a blender. God help me.

- Ling

Zurynee said...

hi Ling,

Sorry to hear that :-( What you can do next time is once you see the kaya is cooked, turn the cooker off and use a whisk to blend it. I hope all your hardwork paid off. I assume that almost all household has a blender :-P


PC said...

If you are really keen on making easy kaya, use the microwave! It's the easiest way and takes less than 10 minutes! Here's how you do it:

4 eggs
2 cups sugar
3 pandan leaves
140ml coconut milk

1. Mix all ingredients.
2. Microwave for 2 mins on high. Take out and stir.
3. Subsequently microwave 1 min each time for 6 times. Take out and stir after each min.
4.If lumpy, use a hand-blender to smooth the kaya.

Unknown said...

Hi Zurynee,

Next time when you make this kaya can you post the picture? I love kaya but it's hard to find them here where I live (California) unless I go to some Asian market in LA; which is like 3 hours drive for me. I started baking bread again and I crave for kaya to go with my bread but it's too hot to stand in front of the stove to cook and stir the kaya in this summer heat. I love your blog though. Lots of goodies to try out.

Dorothy said...

Hai Zu,

Thanks for sharing your kaya making using microwave. I tried the recipe and my family all love them. It is really easy and fast compare to the steaming method of at least3-4 hours.
My sharing for those who tried and did not turn out well, try sieving the mixture first before putting in the microware the first time.
Anymore recipes using microware,please share.....cheers Dorothy

Zurynee said...

You are welcome Dorothy :)