Sunday, April 24, 2005

Mango Madness

I baked a mango cake for my aunt who was celebrating her birthday yesterday. I got sort of sick of baking the normal cream cake, so ended up this one.

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The jelly top didn't come out too nice because I was in a hurry and pour the jelly when the mixture was still not cooled. It sort of melted some of the mango filling causing it to be cloudy.

The top view

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I didn't get a chance to take a bite but my aunties response was 'very nice'.


yati said...

I dont need to bite, I already know it's nice..BUT I wld love to bite it..someday..insyaALlah..Aminnnn :D

aida said...

Anything homemade with love is yummmmmmm ..... *heheheee*

Aliyah said...

Masya-Allah! so nicey!!

Siz...u know lately i've been woindering how to put the jelly over the cake. and today when i hop over yr blog...voila! it's here.

care to teach me how to do it? I tot of doing one for my cousin's engagement hantaran.

if it didnt work out well....i know who to look for now ;-)

Zurynee said...

Yati: Insha Allah .. one day you will get to taste :)

Aida: So very true .. ;)

Aliyah: You want to learn me no problem to teach. Let me know ;)